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Our last BCIN presentation was held on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017. To follow is a report on this presentation. If you are interested in investing in any or all of these projects contact us at as soon as possible. 


Upon your request, we will send you materials from the borrowers, based on your interest in a particular project.

Please let us know if you decide to take the next step towards an investment decision, and if so, please download our Investor Member Application form and mail along with the annual membership fee of $15. Thank you!

The Inn at Shaker Mill Farm: New Lebanon, N.Y.  Michael Pergola, Owner and Project Manager.

The Inn ( is in New Lebanon, N.Y., has 20 guest rooms, a circular fireplace, commercial kitchen, dining room, cascading waterfall and stream-side dining; as well as numerous meeting and gathering spaces. Integrative Permaculture (IPC) is a Benefit Corporation that operates the Inn and is developing the organic farming and “soil to fork” restaurant ( Michael (IPC’s founder) took over the Inn last year from Ingram, its 88 year old founder who converted the 1824 Shaker Grist Mill to an Inn in the 60’s. Ingram continues to live in a separate building on the property and will be buried on the land he loves.

Improvements have been underway in stages over the last year that do not disrupt the ongoing business. Bookings have increased 8 fold since last year with the new website and Airbnb listing. In addition to guests sampling the many riches of the Berkshires and Hudson River Valley IPC is offering workshops on Sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture, as well as hosting retreats, family reunions and business gatherings.

$50,000 in loans are sought currently to continue upgrading the property (increasing the draw for tours with new bathrooms for instance) and to develop the educational and environmental aspects of the larger vision. Minimum loans of $5,000 at a 4-7 percent annual rate for a 2 to 5 year term are suggested. Larger loans may be eligible for additional benefits.

Radiance Yoga Studios: Locations in Pittsfield and Great Barrington. Owners are Scott Moraes and Gillian Gorman.

The studio is looking for $25,000 in loans over a 5-7 year period, paying 5 percent per annum, beginning to be paid back at the end of the second year. Loans of $5,000 or more are wanted. The studio is profitable and has a seven-year record of operations with substantial annual growth. It employs over 20 people on a part-time basis.

HOP2O Soda Project: Alex Olchowski, Owner

Alex is looking for 17,000-24,000 in loan money to expand and grow his start up business. He is offering 7-8 percent a year over the life of a five-year loan. The product is a medicinal soda using hops and is already being stocked in a variety of local stores and restaurants.

Please contact us if you have an interest in any or all of these projects at: or contact Chris Schaefer at 413-528-2319.


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